Our Statutory Compliance Services which we use to provide bespoke company law compliance service for both domestic and non-domiciled directors of UK based companies.

Statutory Compliance

What is Statutory Compliance?

Statutory Compliance is the adherence of statutory and company regulations on legal and accountable conduct by the company, its employees as well as management and supervisory bodies.

What are the potential problems that can occur from not remaining compliant with statutory regulations?

Increased risk of non-compliance

Ensure that your company, employees, management and supervising bodies remain compliant with all of the relevant statutory and company regulations that are set in place.

How can we help you?

Our team of chartered secretaries provide bespoke company law compliance service for both domestic and non-domiciled directors of UK based companies, including:

  • Preparation of the company's Annual Return;
  • Drafting director and/or shareholder resolutions in order to approve the statutory accounts; and
  • Preparation of dormant accounts (if required).

As well as management of the company minute book, we also provide comprehensive maintenance of company's statutory registers (and a Single Alternative Inspection Location) using Blueprint Oneworld™. This is particularly useful for overseas directors given that company registers must be kept in the jurisdiction in which the company is registered at all times.

If you are interested in any of our services and would like to book a free consultation to discuss how we may be able to assist you, please contact Ruairi Laughlin-McCann or Daniel Mould.

Ruairi Laughlin-McCann

Ruairi Laughlin-McCann
Qualifications: ACIS
Position: Director
Contact: ruairi.laughlin-mccann@atcsolutions.com

Daniel Mould | Accountant

Daniel Mould
Qualifications: FCCA CMgr MCMI
Position: Practice Manager
Contact: daniel.mould@atcsolutions.com

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