Our Corporate Governance services can help to facilitate the successful provision of your organisation's services as well as ensure continued viability.

Corporate Governance

Why has Corporate Governance become so important and how is it going to be beneficial to you and your organisation?

Corporate Governance has been pushed up the agenda for directors from companies of all sizes following the financial crisis in 2008. Although there has been the public review of the governance processes of financial services companies in the Walker Review and a tightening of best practice guidelines through the revision of the UK Corporate Governance code (compulsory only for main market listed companies), the governance obligations of smaller companies have also been under scrutiny which resulted in the Corporate Governance Guidance and Principles for Unlisted Companies in the UK being published by the Institute of Directors in late 2010. Employing robust Corporate Governance procedures is important for all companies from a risk management perspective and should ensure the best protection possible for shareholders, directors and other stakeholders. Modern corporate governance guidance has sought to move away from the tick-box exercise approach with a dynamic and commercial approach being favoured.

What are the problems that your organisation can face by not implementing any Corporate Governance structures?

Less opportunity for organisational development

Good Corporate Governance ensures corporate success and economic growth.

Reduced chance of investment

Strong Corporate Governance maintains investors' confidence, as a result of which, your company can raise capital efficiently and effectively.

Less efficient organisation and management

It ensures that your organisation in managed in a manner that fits the best interests of all.

How can we help you?

We seek to adopt the modern approach to corporate governance services, recognising that companies need a bespoke service to fit their organisational needs. We offer a wide range of corporate governance services which include:

Board Support Services

Including attendance and Board and Committee meetings, providing advice on an as needs basis and ensuring that all processes are in line with best practice guidance.


We can provide general or specific training for either directors or managers to meet organisational needs.

Corporate Governance Audits

This consists of a comprehensive review of Board processes and Committee terms of reference, as well as scrutiny of directors' inductions, the role of non-executive directors and compliance with the governance principals for unlisted companies.

If you are interested in any of our services and would like to book a free consultation to discuss how we may be able to assist you, please contact Ruairi Laughlin-McCann or Daniel Mould.

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Ruairi Laughlin-McCann
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Daniel Mould
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