USA Company Formation

USA Company Formation

The USA is one of the world's largest and most diverse economies. For companies headquartered outside of the USA, entry into the Amarican market is an important part of their business strategy. ATC Solutions is a leader in assisting foreign companies penetrate the Amarican market.  With both federal and state jurisdictions to contend with, and the differing legal, tax and corporate compliance codes associated with each, determining the best path for entry can be convoluted.

With our international team of accountants and corporate services experts, ATC Solutions is in a unique position to make sense of the confusion. Based on your company's specific needs and location, we will be able to advise the best jurisdiction for your incorporation as well as the best corporate structure for your needs. We can also assist with the opening of a corporate account at an American bank, provide corporate compliance services and ensure proper financial statements are prepared and corporate income tax is prepared and filed.

ATC Solutions has a strong network of contacts in Britain, Europe, the United States and the Middle East markets. As a leading corporate service provider we offer a range of corporate advisory and support services tailored to the needs of private individuals or corporate organizations. ATC Solutions market entry services extend to USA based companies contemplating entering foreign markets and expanding their sale of products and services and foreign companies seeking direct market investments in the United States and tapping into one of the most dynamic and prosperous markets in the world.

Our Services:

Company Formation

Our team of accountants will advise on the best US state in which to incorporate as well as the most efficient structure to minimize tax liability and maximize profits.

Incorporation facilitates your business objectives by engendering third party confidence in your operations by ensuring supplier/customer credibility and regulatory/statutory accountability.

Bank Accounts

It is near impossible for foreign companies to open a corporate bank account at a US bank, an additional reason to incorporate in the US. Once the corporate structure is in place we can assist clients with all necessary materials and government registration to facilitate the opening of an account with a US bank.

Corporate Admin & Compliance

By acquiring corporate administration and compliance support, you will have more time to focus on your main responsibilities. Professional advice can ensure that your company maintains a high level of compliance which will enable you exploit any business opportunities.

Corporate & Personal Tax Preparation

Our international team of certified accountants, tax experts and enrolled agents specialize in tax planning, tax preparation and wealth protection. Our US office has a wealth of knowledge and experience with all forms of corporate tax filings as well as personal tax filings across a number of jurisdictions.

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In our free non-obligation consultation, our corporate and tax specialists will advise you on whether you should incorporate, in which jurisdiction you should incorporate and when you should incorporate. We ensure the company formation process is completed as promptly and comprehensively as possible while being tailored to your particular business objectives. We have formation and company set up specialists with expertise across a wide range of jurisdictions to include the UK, EU, UAE, USA, Russia, CIS and offshore.

If you are interested in any of our services and would like to book a free consultation to discuss how we may be able to assist you, please contact Bobby Barnes at or call +1 919 977 6610/6611.

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