We can provide you with the many benefits in Offshore Company Formation in a low tax offshore jurisdiction including The British Virgin Islands (BVI).

Offshore Company Formation

Why should you incorporate your business offshore?

There are many benefits in offshore company formation including the possibility of reduced costs & efficient tax planning, protection of assets, maintenance of confidentiality and risk management. Professional advice and careful planning will ensure the integrity of a proposed structure incorporating an offshore company is maintained.

What are the potential problems that can arise from not incorporating your business offshore?

Increased risk of higher tax liabilities

Many offshore businesses benefit from efficient tax planning on the income resultant from offshore operations, i.e. from activities outside of the jurisdiction of company formation.

Reduced privacy

Registrars in many offshore jurisdictions do not divulge details regarding directors, shareholders and beneficiaries of offshore IBC companies. Therefore, the underlying principal may perform all pertinent activities in the name of an offshore company while remaining completely anonymous. Nominee directors and shareholders can be appointed to further safeguard the beneficial owners of an offshore company.

Unable to protect your assets

Many offshore jurisdictions are renowned for their favourable asset protection laws. By implementing offshore banking facilities together with an offshore company, you can protect your company's assets even further.

Higher maintenance and operating fees

Due to limited reporting requirements, offshore companies tend to have lower maintenance and operating fees. The cost of compliance, preparation of accounts and auditing in on-shore countries is often quite costly, as opposed to offshore companies enabling you to save on these particular expenses.

How can we help?

Our team of international Chartered Tax Advisors and offshore specialists provide tailor made solutions to enable you to meet your objectives. From offshore company formation through to compliance, management and assisting the execution of your business objectives, we provide comprehensive advice and support ensuring maximum client confidentiality.

  1. Jurisdictions
  2. Jurisdictions for international trade, investment & tax planning
  3. Other Jurisdictions
  4. United States Of America LLCs
  5. Canada Corporations
  6. Trusts
  7. Foundations
Anguilla - IBC Bahamas - IBC
Belize - IBC British Virgin Islands - BC
Brunei - IBC Dominica - IBC
Marshall Islands - IBC Samoa - IC
Seychelles - IBC St Vincent - IBC
RAK IC - Limited by shares
Jurisdictions for international trade, investment & tax planning:
Barbados - IBC Cayman Islands - Exempt
Cyprus - Private (IBC*) Gibraltar - Non Resident
Hong Kong - Private Limited Ireland - Resident Private Limited
Isle of Man - Hybrid (Private Limited by Guarantee and having a Share Capital) Isle of Man - Resident LLC
Isle of Man - Private Limited Isle of Man - New Manx Vehicle (NMV)
Isle of Man - Limited Partnership Jersey - Resident
Labuan - Offshore Trading Labuan - Offshore Non Trading
Luxembourg - 1990 SOPARFI Holding Luxembourg - 1990 SOPARFI Holding S.A. or S.A.R.L.
Malta - Private Limited Liability Company Mauritius - GBC I
Mauritius - GBC II Netherlands - BV
Panama - Non Resident Romania - SA
Romania - SRL Seychelles - CSL
Singapore - Resident/Non Resident, Private Limited UK - LLP
UK - Public Limited UK - Private Limited
Other Jurisdictions:
Australia - Proprietary Limited Australia - Public Limited
Bermuda - Exempt China - WFOE
Cook Islands - International Costa Rica - Stock Corporation
Denmark - ApS (Private Limited Company) Denmark - A/S (Public Limited Company)
Finland - Oy/Ab Private Ltd Finland - Oyj/Abp Public Ltd
Germany - GmbH Germany - AG
Greece - EPE (Limited Liability Partnership) Greece - AE (Société Anonyme)
Greece - Offshore Branch Iceland - HF
Iceland - EHF Liberia - Non Resident
Liechtenstein - Anstalt Liechtenstein - AG
Madeira - Limitada Madeira - SA
Nevis - LLC Nevis - NBCO
Poland - S.A. Poland - Sp.k.
Poland - Sp.z.o.o. Russia - OJSC (OAO)
Russia - LLC (OOO) / CJSC (ZAO) Spain - S.L.
Spain - S.A. Vanuatu - International
Vanuatu - Exempt China - JV
Switzerland - GmbH/SARL/ LLC Switzerland - AG/SA/LTD
Sweden - Aktiebolag (AB)
United States Of America LLCs:
Arkansas - LLC Delaware - LLC
New Jersey - LLC New York - LLC
Oregon - LLC Washington DC - LLC
Wyoming - LLC
Canada Corporations:
Alberta - Corporation British Columbia - Corporation
Federal - Corporation Manitoba - Corporation
New Brunswick - Corporation Newfoundland and Labrador - Corporation
Nova Scotia - Corporation Ontario - Corporation
Prince Edward Island - Corporation Quebec - Corporation
Saskatchewan - Corporation
Seychelles - Trust Isle of Man - Trust
Bahamas - Foundation Panama - Foundation
Isle of Man - Foundation

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