We help overseas entrepreneurs and businesses setup in the UK, in accordance with the Tier 1 Entrepreneur guidelines

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We help overseas entrepreneurs and businesses setup in the UK, in accordance with the Tier 1 Entrepreneur guidelines

US resident entrepreneur business entry into UK

The UK market place is the ideal location for entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve growth and success. The UK market place is renowned as one of the richest and most diverse in the world, with many world-class industries. Along with its rich history of innovation and a dynamic, modern business environment; business and entrepreneurial talent is valued in the UK.

ATC Solutions specialise in bringing business to the UK and supporting US businessmen and entrepreneurs with their transition into the UK market place. If you are a wealthy business person or entrepreneur currently domiciled in the US and wish to setup in the UK by either expanding an existing business into the UK; starting up a new UK business from scratch; taking over an existing UK business or investing in a UK business and becoming part owner, we have a holistic service package available to facilitate your every need.

Our services range from initial Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa application to yearly management account packages and everything in-between. With low tax liabilities, straightforward regulation and an educated and talented workforce; the UK is one of the easiest places to start a business and one of the most business friendly. Other benefits include accessible banking facilities, professional corporate funding products, a range of grants for new businesses, financial backing and assistance for Research & Development and extensive networking opportunities.

We have a passion for entrepreneurship and can help accelerate the global success of overseas entrepreneurs and businessmen from a UK hub.

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About Us

ATC Solutions is a leading consulting firm on corporate governance, international taxation, financial and legal services with an internationally renowned reputation. Our highly qualified team of specialists will help you restructure your company to ensure a minimum level of taxation and help your company maintain a global standard of corporate governance required for a successful IPO in the UK or Hong Kong.

Our client list includes wealthy business people, famous athletes and a number of major companies from around the world.

We always aim for the maximum result, therefore, developing individual schemes of work, based on accumulated experience in the field of taxation, corporate governance, finance, legal support, accounting, marketing and advertising, as well as providing personal trust services.


"Professionals! ATC Solutions helped me to successfully expand my business into the UK using their Tier 1 Entrepreneur service package. Every step was seamless & very well managed, I am now happily settled in the UK and business could not be better."